Sustainable System

“A place for everything and everything in its place.”

This popular proverb best describes our mission in developing a sustainable system. Nothing goes to waste here at the Archival Eco-House. We use both biodegradable and non-biodegradable resources effectively and efficiently. We practically bring the house to life together with the nature we nurture. Living at the eco house makes us productive and creative at the same time.


Visit Us

Be toured around the house close to nature by the owner, Electrical Engineer Nestor D. Archival. Never pass up the chance to learn techniques and well-studied processes that are implemented inside our tourist destination.

The Archival Eco-House is open for everyone from Mondays to Saturdays, 7:00AM to 4:00PM.


Inside Archival Eco House

Prepare to be wowed as you enter the highlight of our property, a two-storey eco house right at the end of the estate. A variation of how waste products’ are used is way beyond imagination. The walls and the ceiling of the home became canvases and it will definitely make your jaw drop. These beautiful expressions are masterpieces of different Filipino artists. Murals on the walls are still being added for years on now. It is made to look as if it has camouflaged with the ocean to give you the feel of being under the deep blue. Once your senses bring you back ashore, you will discover that multi-colored tetra packs cover the ceiling. High up top is a figure of a sun intricately painted around an opening that enables the warm air to rise. Right below it, is a mirror that reflects the light of the sun every time it is overhead, thus, spreading light across the house. Differently-sized windows were especially carved to keep the residence well-ventilated. Then, you will discover an eye-catching chandelier hanging up above. It is mainly made up of an oil drum, empty noodle cups and wine bottles. Most of the furniture and lamps are artistically accentuated with discarded pipes, tin cans of sodas, juices and beers. Plenty of empty bottles are placed across the house so that light will be brought in during daytime and the same will be bounced back at night. On the high walls, there are more discarded pipes that are set up allowing air to circulate. Artworks were made using recycled materials like coconut shells decors, burnt fuse tubes as lamp stands and even old computer cases were reused to serve as a table base.

The Archival Eco-House seems to breathe the clean air that surrounds it. The green structure is lightened up by the vines that freely crawls in different parts of the abode. The coolness of the ambiance works wonders to a stressed out soul. It makes one’s worries swim away like the big koi fishes afloat a pond next to the swimming pool. At the corner of the fishpond, are carefully placed plastic cups from a soda brand. It creates a look of an expensive and colorful tile.

The house, indeed, can be compared to meditation -- serene and rejuvenating. For it has become one with nature itself.


I been in this place last year when we bought some sacks of vermi’s. They tour us around the area and it was amazing. Its a good inspiration for anyone who wanted to try perma-culturing.
- Eljun