An Edifice named Archival Eco-House

One of the Most Outstanding and also a three-termer Councilor of Cebu City, Engr. Nestor D. Archival, acted upon the drastic effects of climate change. In his own resources, he flag shipped the cause in saving Mother Nature through the construction of the Eco-House facility. It proved to be a worth-while economic challenge.

The Warmth of the Eco-Home

More than great architecture… The Archival Eco-House is more than it meets the eye. The former Chairman of the Committee in Environment of Cebu is a trailblazer too. He is an advocate of green living. Fused with this passion is the creativity, initiative and drive to encourage the "madlang-tao" to contribute in saving the environment.

Archival Eco-House Educational Tours

Sanctuary of the Queen City. Gone are the days when people can only learn about green living on the books. In our home, you will see how we have strikingly as well as cleverly revived garbage and other waste products.

Material Recovery and Recycling Facility

Turning Trash into Gold. Waste products are gathered at the “MRRP” that came from the markets and other parts of Cebu. The Archival Eco-House significantly aids in reducing tons of waste for the city to collect. Engr. Nestor D. Archival owns a private truck to go about the community to collect disposed, reusable waste.

The Skylight and Ventilation

The sun inside the house. Artsy, at the same time, another practically handy design inside the home. A table mirror is strategically placed right below it so the rays of the sun are distributed across the house. Undeniably, an added cost-saving source of light.

Wood Works Facility

Fantastic Wooden Eggshell Lamp... An old corn mill, wooden wire rills and other materials like the eggshell lamp are rustic, elegant decorations of the house. Displays and furniture identical to these are crafted at the carpentry area. Everything here is of use. We improvise to make convenient items for the environment that surrounds us.


Of captivating emotions... They tell stories through children’s laughter. These wooden playhouses are built using discarded materials. The Archival Eco-House is not only a house close to nature but also has a big heart for kids…of all ages that is.

Brick Making Facility

Well-made Bricks.This is an example of an innovation that is wholly cost effective. Many of these sturdy bricks are used inside the Eco-House which are simply made of shredded plastic, grey water and other wastes materials. A recycled and high quality product.

Vermi Composting

“Biowaste from Market, Kitchen and Garden.” This is what the signage says at the Vermi Composting area of the property. This is where the bio digester breaks down the waste mixture with the help of bacteria. The end-product of this process called Vermi Cast makes up a healthy garden-soil. Sacks of these can also be bought inside Archival Eco-House.

NuTree Café

A Haven for Wellness. Inside the tourist destination, is a café that serves fresh vegan meals, salads, as well as, fruit and vegetable shakes. Yoga classes are held at the second floor of this circular, wooden facility to promote wellness and healthy living that is imbibed at the Eco-House.

Archival Scholars

Towards a Brighter, Greener Future. Deserving scholars are supported by the Engineer himself. At the Eco-House, they are privileged to undergo lessons to hone their strengths and talents. They also spend time doing recreational activities that makes them one with nature e.g. gardening

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